Everybody knows that the reason Captain America was a hit is because we wanted to see Hitler get punched in the face and Jack Kirby gave it to us.

However, I feel like Cap punches Hitler on more levels than just one.

Consider, if you will, that Cap is Aryan. Literally super-Aryan, he was a little brown nobody and then a GERMAN SCIENTIST gave him a wonder-drug that turned him into the Aryan dream. He was more Aryan than Hitler (or Kirby for that matter) so when he punched Hitler it was like he was saying, “I am your fondest dream, and I just plain don’t like you. Even if everything went exactly like you wanted, I would still hate you.”

That’s some stern repudiation right there. Best way I know to refute a political philosophy is to take the best-case scenario and show it completely to suck. “You don’t even want what you want,” is what it’s saying. “As soon as your science-born Aryan superman gets here he’s going to punch you in the face.”


And you had it comin’.