I am having a good music time right now.

There are few albums that create such a strong impression of place and happening for me as Do Make Say Think’s classic album, Do Make Say Think. It has four songs and they’re called Do, Make, Say, and Think. Each one is over ten minutes long. The whole thing can be considered a very conceptual best-of, where one of the coolest post-rock bands takes everything they do right and puts it on one album. It makes me think of walking around cornfields in the dark under a quarter moon.

That’s the only song with words. I think, if you make a fifty-minute album and you only use words once, they should be interesting and intriguing and poetic. Well done, then, my good band, you have passed another one of my challenges.

“Standing up or standing out.”

Is that a choice? If so, what one do I choose?

The sort of thing I think about while wandering cornfields at night.