So I am in love with Bitcoins and cryptocurrency.  Here is why:  because you get to DRAW YOUR OWN MONEY.  I am FASCINATED by this and plan to do it quite a bit.  Have you ever wanted to see Spider-Man on the dollar bill?  Because lord knows I have.

I’m drawing physical Bitcoins for those who care to commission me, please message me privately and we’ll work it out.  I’ll draw them, or paint them, or sculpt them — whatever you want — and then I’ll ship them to you for an extremely reasonable fee, all of which is payable in Bitcoins and Namecoins.

Update:  just finished my first commission!  Two copies of Richard Stallman on a 1 BTC bill.





Namecoins are my favorite.  They are very, very, very clever.  They are actually tokens for a DNS registry system — they are essentially little chits that you can trade in for your own web domain.  Cool, right?  EVEN COOLER THAN THAT.  But it’s really complicated, and I’m wearing out the Caps Lock, so I’ll leave it at that for right now.

I have two grand dreams for cryptocoins.  The first is to print milliBitcoins and put them in each issue of Rocksalt, which is what the Kickstarter stretch goal is right now (  if you want to know).  If we make $1650 then I’ll print and distribute 3,000 milliBitcoins in issue #10 of Rocksalt, which would be so freakin’ cool you don’t even know.

The second is even more complicated.  I have daydreams of making my own cryptocoin, because I have a really good idea for one.  I’ll put it on a pile with all my other great ideas, maybe I’ll get to it soon.  I’m not going to tell you about it right here, because I’m still too in love with the idea and have such a good plan.