Here’s the page that I’ve been working on for the last four or five months:

That’s one page in the new issue of Rocksalt, hopefully coming out later today.

and the tiny drawings that surround the larger drawing:

I also studied a lot of Legion of Super-Heroes comics for this, I hope that shows. I also watched that movie Gravity and read some pretty obscure Conrad short stories.

and if you want to see a much larger version, check here:

That’s only 2000 pixels across. Of course the original file’s even bigger than that. I could probably print it a few feet across without much loss of image.

I’m not sure how closely I came to my original idea for this page. In some ways, I hit exactly what I was aiming for, and in some ways I didn’t even get close. I did learn more than average on this one, though. There’s about four months of solid thought about perspective represented here. I drew the underlying space station tacked to a blank wall in my living room and used a laser pointer as the ruler, so the vanishing points were literally twenty feet apart from each other. That’s a neat trick and I plan to use it a lot more in the future.

I need to work on texture now. The aliens are insanely inconsistent.