I’m not liberal at random — I made up my own mind about things, and was pleased to find that there was already a political movement there when I got there. On five of the great six issues of our day — abortion, Israel, gun control, the War on Drugs, and the death penalty, there are perfectly clear, perfectly rational answers, and the liberals are a group of people who have arrived at those answers. No conspiracy needed. I like that.

Gun control: we need some of it. Too many guns.
Israel: we still love them, but this is crazy. We don’t want to send you money or weapons any more.
the War on Drugs: just quit it already. Shut the whole thing down.
Death penalty: Not worth it in a civilized nation, cut it out.
abortion: It’s nobody’s damn business, so back off.

on the sixth issue, income inequality, if they knew the right thing to do, liberals would do it. I feel exactly the same way.