UPDATE: It turns out that this had nothing whatsoever to do with True Detective Season 02. I’m leaving the post up because it’s a cool statue and Stephen’s a cool guy, but it’s not a True Detective thing. Whoops! Mea culpa, all apologies to the internet.

And it shoulda been.

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If you’d like to read outdated speculations about Season 02 that turned out to be untrue (but were still a lot of fun at the time), please continue here.


So my buddy Stephen Notley, the artist of Bob the Angry Flower, is a pretty well-known and well-respected cartoonist. Which is as it should be, because he’s damn good at it.


And, as you probably know, Nick Pizzolatto is a stone-cold comic book fanatic who has been known to send odd boxes of promotional material to comics artists that he likes.

And both Stephen Notley and Avery Alix have been receiving mysterious letters about the King in Yellow:




Okay, so I can’t make out much in that, but that’s what I got. The other two pages are from Chambers’s play, “The King in Yellow.”

Stephen got that letter back at the end of November. Just last week he got this:

A mysterious crate, nailed shut.

A mysterious crate, nailed shut.

Open the box! Open the box!

The contents of the box.

The contents of the box.


If you’re anything like me, your Lovecraft alert is clamoring right now. That’s obviously the Horror in the Clay. That means Season One was The Tale of Inspector Legrasse. Well, that makes sense.




The pieces of paper.

So I think this is a promo for True Detective Season 2, and it means that we are going to see some more stuff about the King in Yellow and some weird Pizzolatto reinterpretation of the Horror in the Clay, which means lots of stuff about artists and dreams.

Stephen didn’t post larger pictures of the pictures, but when you consider how little help the yearbook pictures were in understanding Season One I don’t think it really matters. If he does, I’ll add them.

I have one more thing to say: this is so freakin’ cool. Good job, True Detective promo team, if that is your real name. You picked the right guy to mail mysterious boxes to.