So we’re thinking about leaving Austin, sooner or later, one of these days, you know how it is. No rush, but we want to try somewheres else for a while. We also want the ability to come back, so I’ll be storing my stuff out in Blanco County or somewheres. It’s an anchor, to bring us home.

Because I truly feel at home here.

But the point of home is to leave. You can’t come back if you never leave to begin with.

In the meantime, before I go, I’m reading everything I possibly can about Austin history. For once in my life I’m going to do the research while I’m living in the town with the library that I need. I’ve spent enough of my life being glad that I don’t live in Kentucky but sad that I don’t have the local history room to do research. I should know so much more about the history of Clark County than I do. I should have been reading more Austin history all along, but since I only have the six months left I’m going to use them.

Quickly! To the book depository!