I guess I have officially abandoned my livejournal. I had been randomly crossposting there for a while, and it really hadn’t been working. It was just annoying the people who were reading it, because for some reason the images weren’t posting with it. Too bad! But when you consider nobody’s writing over there either — my friends page is essentially 17 astronomy pictures of the day, 1 Wonderella strip, and two desolate blog posts, I guess I’m not missing much.

I thought of Livejournal because a friend of mine from the LJ days killed herself. It was sort of sad and extremely expected. I don’t have much to say about it except that I didn’t know her well but what I knew of her I liked. It’s too bad she never found a reason to live. I don’t blame her. She was 44 and didn’t like what she’d turned into, didn’t want to keep going that direction. So she missed the boat, well, so what. I missed the boat too. We all missed so many boats. It’s the way it is. I continue to keep going because I’m having a great time where I am. She didn’t. That’s all there is to it.