The 2nd Amendment only protects our right to shoot cops, a right I am no longer sure it’s worth preserving. The self-defense claims are nonsense, hunting is irrelevant, what you’re talking about with your #2a is the right to fight the government, and that means shooting a cop or shooting the guy that works at the post office, and I’m pretty sure y’all mean the cops.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. If I was here, on this very spot, in 1860, I sure as shit would have wanted the 2nd Amendment. I would have gotten six or seven rifles and gone down to a bend I know in the stagecoach road between Austin and San Antonio and I would have cleansed Texas political life real fast. Senator Henry Wigfall I’m looking at you.

Now? I don’t know. I don’t like the way this new Civil War is shaping up. I don’t like the insurgents at all, and they don’t like me either. If it happened right now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up on the side that wins; i.e., the U. S. government’s side. Sorry about that, Texas secessionists; I’m under no illusion that there’s a place for me in your Christian utopia. But I’m trying to consider your right fairly and logically. Let’s say that your exercise of 2nd amendment rights does not involve killing all the Muslims in America and everybody who gets in the way of that, which will include me. Let’s assume that the government is as bad as you think it is.

Let’s assume that the government starts treating us all the way the government treats black people in the ghetto, for example. That would be terrible. If that happened I can totally see why you would want to “exercise your Second Amendment options.” I can totally see why a black man who is being shot at by an undercover cop who never even identified themselves (like Sean Bell, for example — this really happens, Sean Bell’s just the name I remember. It’s happened many, many times since) would want to be able to shoot back at this person, who he has no idea is a cop.

That’s what I think y’all are talking about when you talk about 2nd Amendment rights. That’s what’s worth defending.

Am I willing to defend that right?

Well I’d be a lot more willing to if so many of y’all weren’t so fucking racist.

But even if you weren’t, would I? Would it be a better world if Sean Bell had shot that man who was shooting at him? Even though that man was an (undercover) cop (who had not identified himself)?

So what you’re asking me is, is the preservation of our society more important to me than the right of a black man to kill a cop who is unjustly trying to kill him?

That’s what the 2nd Amendment is to me. That’s what we’re really talking about here. That’s the question you’re asking me.

And I don’t know the answer.

You don’t need all these guns for self-defense. You don’t need all these guns for hunting. They sure aren’t making y’all feel safe, because you just collectively freaked out over six Syrian refugees. What you need them for is to protect you from being treated the way the government is already treating people right now. Oddly you have no sympathy for these people.

No, I can’t trust the government. I can’t trust you either.

I do not think I am in favor of your right to shoot a cop. I do not think I am in favor of the 2nd Amendment as it is currently interpreted. I think that I am in favor of strong controls. I’m terribly sorry to those that this upsets.