I run my comic much like a video game. There’s a piece of paper on the wall with two dates written on it. Every time I draw a panel or write a blog post one date advances. The idea is to get both dates years, many many years into the future. I would like Feef to continue for years after I die, slowly fading into scratchier and scratchier panels that I didn’t have time to revise, then thumbnails, then finally an outline and after that just print my list of random ideas that I hadn’t found places for yet.

With that in mind, man I hope I don’t die today. The comic would barely last until April. Give me years and I think I might be able to spin this into something multifarious and strange.

The main goal right now is to get my color symbolism under control, have something fascinating happen in every single panel (and I understand I’m not doing great with that right now), and make the characters interesting enough that people would care if I killed them.

Because right now I’m not sure they would. You’re not supposed to like Leda very much, and her mother is not really fleshed out at the moment. Leda is quite alienated with the peers, which is important in the forest sequence at the beginning of Book 2, but does that make her peers important or interesting?

I think a lot of the problem is that the way I draw kids is pretty generic. I gotta get on that.