FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE I have decided to place here my complete projected series of Air Bud sequels. HOLLYWOOD CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY I AM YOUR HUCKLEBERRY

Air Bud 6: My Dog Could Paint That
Air Bud 7: We Warned You Gay Marriage Would Lead To This
Air Bud 8: Your Dog Can Drive But NASCAR Is Still Not A Sport
Air Bud 9: Rum, Sodomy, and the Leash
Air Bud 10: No Dog Can Eat Fifty Eggs
Air Bud 11: Stopless Topless St. Bernards
Air Bud 12: The Last Dogfighter (exactly like the Last Starfighter, but with a dog)
Air Bud 13: But A Dog Can’t Win An Oscar
Air Bud 14: Bud In, Bud Out
Air Bud 15: Bud Money
Air Bud 16: Thanks For Budsplaining
Air Bud 17: This Dog’s Been Dead For, Like, 8 Years.
Air Bud 18: Bud Simple
Air Bud 19: Wolf of Wall Street
Air Bud 20: True Dogtective
Air Bud 21: 666 Dalmatians