So here’s a commemorative drawing for the 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks, which is in just a few days here. Dale Cooper shall escape the Black Lodge in just a few days here, and this is how I prefer to think it would happen.

This turned out to be the best page from the Twin Peaks comic, so I cleaned it up some substantially and printed it out at enormous size to be a sort of dinky little poster. Having the supercool Nyarlathopress (what we decided to call our enormous printer) sitting right here makes it easy to tweak prints to look just right.

I’m going to have three new posters at Staple, though I don’t know where I’m going to put them on on our half-table. But anyway, three new posters shall I have! And I have already completed and printed two of them, so it’s looking pretty good. So the next part is printing out the space station battle, which means a lot of redrawing because it wasn’t quite good yet, so that may or may not get done in time.

I will also have my comic I did about wandering aimlessly around France.

So will I have anything new at Staple? No, not actually. But what I will have is a bunch of stuff that I never got around to packaging or putting together, so it’s all new to everyone but me, and in the next few months I will have something actually new. I’m not ready to print Feef yet, for some reason I can neither describe nor name. I think I’ll be ready by this show in Minneapolis in May. I might still be ready by Staple. For the first time, I can imagine what the story will look like on the printed page — and I think it might look pretty good.