I just accidentally finished a page of Cloudhopper. I know, I’m as surprised as anybody.

Also unexpectedly at the same time I finished something else. Finishing two things in one day! Surely this is an age of miracles. Anyway, somebody wanted me to do a test page as an audition for a gig, and the story is determinedly unaction-oriented — it’s a page about two people texting each other. I’m a little embarrassed to show it here, but it really is just a portfolio piece, meant to demonstrate to others how I can tell a story with comics and meant to demonstrate to myself how quickly I can create scenes and communicate ideas. The backgrounds on this page represent about, oh, four hours of work. A full hour of that could have been saved if I had known at the beginning what I knew by the end. This is probably the most disciplined, organized, straight-ahead page I’ve drawn in this particular style yet. So here ya go.