I am a serious night owl. I stay up about thirty-six hours in a row on average every third day. Whether this is good or bad for me I cannot possibly say. I get some things done, some other things not done.

What this means to my long-term health I don’t know either. I feel extraordinarily healthy, but that’s probably because my diet has been extraordinarily good lately. I’ve become a believer in the power of proper diet, especially when combined with actual exercise. So I feel great!

Maybe I’ve stumbled onto/earned some sort of amazing proto-sleep schedule, where a random assortment of power naps and ten-hour-long comas allows me to maximize mental productivity while at the same time being available for any important event in my life. If you need somebody to pick you up from the airport at midnight or drop you off at four, I’m the guy and I can do it. I’ll either go to bed early to be up on time or I’ll just stay up later, either way is fine.

All in all, I like being the guy with the 24 + 1d20 hour sleep schedule.