Pretty much what Maine looks like.

I’m in Maine right now. It’s pretty great. I have now been to 49 of the 50 states — only have Hawaii left to go.

The trip began slowly. Very, very slowly.

but if you keep going long enough you’ll get anywhere eventually.

We stopped by Harpers Ferry on the way here, a fascinating day that I’ll cover in another post sometime. We’re going there again on the way back home, so there will be lots of pictures to show you.

I was not prepared for how beautiful the town would be.




After a lot more driving and a lot of stops we made it to New Jersey, only seven days of travel to make it 1900 miles.


But now we’re here and it’s wonderful. Good times. Infinite thanks to my parents and sister for inviting us on their madcap adventure.

This is the porch of the house where we’re staying.


Apparently we are renting from the artist Jamie Wyeth, who owns a lot of this town and a large island out on the bay. The house is full of prints of his work and books about him and his family. It sure looks like a Wyeth painting around here.


I went out and took a lot of pictures today. I actually had permission from these people to take their pictures, which is rare for me. Usually I just take the picture and let them worry about it. But I was in a good mood, so I asked, and they said yes.



More to come.