Amelia is not so sure about the past uses of American power

Amelia is not so sure about the past uses of American power

Good times were had in Maine.

Good times were had in Maine.

“You gave my daughter blue food coloring.”

It turned out okay.

It turned out okay.

amelia kenn mom lighthouse

amelia kenn mom beach

paul alix mom dad maine

Dad seemed to enjoy Maine.

We forgot to take the group family pictures until literally the last second, when Grandmother was already in the car.

beaucoup des Sebestas.

I don’t know this person but I like the picture. This was at Marshall Point, south of St. George, Maine.


Amelia visits the state capitol of Vermont, Montpelier.

amelia montpelier 2014


And now we’re in Burlington and she got to meet her other grandfather! Charles is a riot!

charles gewel amelia 2014

There have also been many amazing things that happened that were not photographed, such as driving through the White Mountains, taking Amelia out to dinner in Maine and watching her play with two sweet, tough little girls named Merrill and Kylie (Gewel: Do you want to play catch with me? Merrill: Are you any good at it?), stargazing for hours with my family, swimming in Lake Champlain with Charles and Rocky, and too many other times to count. It’s been a really special trip.