WARNING: the following seems to contain only pictures of Amelia. That was not my intention when I started, but that seems to be how it turned out. We did take pictures of other things, I swear.

Follow the Kafka-Sebesta family as we finish the journey in high speed and fine style. Beginning in:

New York City! We took a day trip to the City to show Amelia punk life; here you see her hanging out on the floor of C-Squat.

My grandma and Amelia and Rocky.

Then down to Kentucky for exactly thirty-six hours:

amelia at casa marshall and cara july 2014 (2)
More photos to come of this occasion.

And then, Kansas!

We stopped by Mushroom Rock on the way out of town:

I think I may have figured out the geology of Mushroom Rock. These were maybe giant pebbles — big enough that only the deepest and strongest ocean currents could move them, but maybe in this area of Future Mushroom Rock there were strong enough currents to tumble them around. Then the ocean went away, they washed up there, and the ground eroded under them. Maybe? I dunno.

Any way you look at it, Rocky had a good time.