I don’t actually play video games, but here are six video games I would play if somebody else made them:

1. A game where you play a tribe of cavemen and you have to conquer the entire world. Like Civilization but instead of tech advances like space travel you have tech advances like “slightly sharper flint axes.” The game could go thousands of years before the invention of bronze. This would work really well as an MMO.
2. A war game where you play a general and you can’t actually see all the fighting — you can only see where you are. Scouts and messengers bring you reports and you have to run the battle by giving commands and hoping that they follow them.
3. A platformer like this:

4. Blood Bowl. Football is more fun with orcs and elves.
5. Warhammer 40K but with good rules. Unlimited customization for all soldiers.
6. Eve Online actually sounds great, I just need one that is a) free and b) I have time to play.