Still playing with cryptocurrencies. I took a long break, because basically my beginner’s luck ran out and I didn’t know how to deal with the first series of reverses I got. Nothing terrible happened, things went down when I expected them to go up. So I essentially started over again, with even weirder currencies.

It’s basically Bitcoin and a bunch of other folks. All of the other, lesser cryptos have value, but it’s highly variable and not based on much. I’ve been messing with Mazacoin, because I’ve been paying attention for a year or so now and I like them best. They’re based on something real, they’re based on something I support, I like their approach to the technology, and they actually seem to be doing things consistently. This puts them way above Namecoin, who have the most interesting idea but seem to be doing absolutely nothing with it.

They aren’t doing anything mindboggling — they’re just trying to give an economic option to the Lakota Nation — and I don’t think they’ll ever reach parity with bitcoins or even pennies. But it’s a part of the experiment I support.

The other one that I’ve recently gotten into is Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a joke, but it’s also a joke that got serious, and anyway cryptocurrencies are all a joke anyway, especially all the ones besides Bitcoins, and Dogecoin seems to be in on the joke. Sponsoring the Jamaican bobsled team was sheer genius, as was funding a NASCAR car…is that how you say it? Or do you just say NASCAR? Does it have to be capitalized? Anyway, that was a good move, or at least I’m pretty sure it was, although it’s pretty obvious by this point in the paragraph that I know absolutely nothing about NASCAR at all.

Anyay, a joke that survives the first cycle of funny-to-not-funny is a meme, and a meme is a good basis for a coin, and I like dogs. I see people wearing Dogecoin T-shirts (that may be because I live in Austin, but still), and they are proving that they can do things with the money. Works for me.