I really do enjoy commerce. I’m a half-assed capitalist.

As you may have seen, I played with the title for a long time, but I’m willing to settle down and admit that this is the one. It works better for a lot of reasons. For one, the different spelling does subtly affect pronunciation, and it gives people something to hang their mental hats on, instead of something that sounds like a high-pitched fart.

Another reason is that, after printing many copies and looking at many copies and selling many copies, I decided I liked this way better.

I like the idea of a story that doesn’t have a precise name. That’s so retrograde and antifuture and unGoogle that I love it.

And, after seeing this story in the hands of many people, I am beginning to understand what it’s about. It’s my way of dealing with the future. My way of taking the future in manageable chunks. It isn’t really science fiction, except when I feel like it.