I had a really good lead for a while there, and then I lost it, but now I’m really determined to get it back. There are serious projects impending, and many things I need to do, and I want to get this story squared away for a while. So I want to do a panel a day for a month or something incredibly ambitious that I know I won’t get done.

Another things is that, looking back over these panels, they are wildly inconsistent in style and visual tone. The method I use from panel to panel varies to a degree that you’d almost think I’m joking. I know that’s all part of the plan, that this is a sketchbook story project and that part of the fun is seeing how my skills evolve, but it’s a bit distracting sometimes. This means that I need to simplify and take more shortcuts, because my penchant for re-inventing the wheel every panel is stopping the story from rolling. So me being lazy translates directly into better story for you, so be assure that I shall endeavor to try.