Unfortunately, in my chosen job/job that’s chosen me, being successful and being well-known and being famous are all necessary, and I’m really not into being famous. I hope I’m not humblebragging, I mean that I’ve seen it and been close to it and DID NOT LIKE IT. It’s really hard to be emotionally stable and live in the state of constant grasping for attention necessary to be famous — one of the reasons I like David Bowie so much is that he managed to do it with only a good ten years of complete insanity in the middle. I have no problem being well-known. I’m like a resource — if you want to see Geoff Sebesta stuff, you know where to find it, and if you’re not in the mood you don’t have to. Being well-known means people can have what they need. Being famous means taking from them. It means demanding entrance, and then hoping for god’s sake you had a good reason to demand it. That part bugs me.

It’s gotta be done, even if I’m not the one to do it.

Which is why I’m grateful for people like Bowie. Get out there, man. Get on stage and avatarize.