Gewel and her grandmother.

Dawn in Hamshire, Texas.

Amelia attempts to eat the tie of her great-grandmother’s pastor. We took Amelia to church for the first time, at a very enthusiastic little place in Hamshire. It was actually mad fun.

Gewel about seven or eight years ago, from a picture her grandma had.

A photograph of a photograph of Gewel’s grandmother in elementary school. It was the 1930s in Dust Bowl Kansas, near a town by the name of Hutchinson.

Florida. Amelia and the ducks regard each other with interest.

Amelia over Sarasota Bay.

Sarasota Bay.

Ca d’Zan, a Venetian palace transported to Sarasota for John Ringling about a hundred years ago.

A weird little statue at the Ringling Museum.  Knowing what I know about John Ringling I find this statue very interesting.

Gewel and Amelia at Big E’s. I never got this lady’s name, but she was cool.