Grandmother and Amelia, sitting on the back patio waiting for the moon to rise.

The High Bridge at night. I got really lost in Kentucky trying to drive to Kroger’s and ended up here, at the highest cantilevered bridge over a navigable stream IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. It was built by the same guy who built the Brooklyn Bridge, but he did a better job, because he didn’t die working on this one.

Kafka and crow communicate.

This painting is only interesting because it is an inferior reimagining of a painting at the Ringling Museum. As you can see, the perspective is really off in a bunch of places.

This painting was sort of amazing. The guy painted exactly the parts that you saw here and left the rest completely undone. It’s a picture of “The Expulsion of Hagar,” a rather depressing scene in the Bible, and my theory is that it reminded this artist of his childhood.